PRO 6091


It is compatible with holding and protecting information elements such as PC and operating panel in industrial machines and systems. The durable structure surrounding the technical elements of the machines is produced by making intensified checks against any damage. The enclosure panel has 60 mm of usable space, an extra depth of 90 mm has been added to the usable depth. 150 mm panels are attached to each other with connection keys on the sides. A handle is added to the enclosure panel for ease of use; single handle or double handles options are available. The standard position of the handle for this product will be placed at the bottom side of the panel. The product specifications can be customized according to the client requests.


Article No Installation Area Back Area Installation Depth  
PRO Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Hinge Locking Mechanism H Profile Installation Platform Installation Depth (mm) 118x65,5 mm
6091-2525 250 250 150 Yes Yes Yes 150 Yes
6091-2530 250 300 150 Yes Yes Yes 150 Yes
6091-3030 300 300 150 Yes Yes Yes 150 Yes
6091-3040 300 400 150 Yes Yes Yes 150 Yes
6091-4040 400 400 150 Yes Yes Yes 150 Yes
6091-4050 400 500 150 Yes Yes Yes 150 Yes
6091-5050 500 500 150 Yes Yes Yes 150 Yes
6091-5060 500 600 150 Yes Yes Yes 150 Yes
6091-6060 600 600 150 Yes Yes Yes 150 Yes

System Carrying
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