Warning Lamps

Our variety of pick-to-light solutions guide the operators to pick the part next to be assembled. This eliminates the possibility of faulty production, lowers costs and increases speed and efficiency in the production line.


Model ARM-PL50-P ARM-PL50-S ARM-PL50-T
Voltage 18-30V
Current 75 mA
Output Rating Max. load 150mA
Color Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White
Lens Material PC
Housing Material ABS
Sensing Principle Mechanical Button - Optical - Capacitive Touch
Buzzer - -
Response Time < 50milli seconds ON and OFF
Working Temperature -40...50oC
Protection IP69K
Dimensions Ø50xH62 mm Ø50xH55 mm Ø50xH76,7 mm
Mounting Type M30x1,5mm
Connection 5 pin M12 Male Connector or 0.7m cable

System Carrying
Quality to Industry

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